All content written by Kimberly Meechan

Science is made up of a truly dizzying number of fields – you can spend a lifetime learning about it and barely scratch the surface. With all this out there it’s rather daunting to know where to start! The aim of this blog is primarily to have a bit of a ramble around some of what science has to offer, giving brief introductions to a variety of topics.

I’m by no means an expert in the fields I’ll discuss, my aim being to introduce topics and then point in the direction of people who know far more about the subject than I do.

Having just graduated from a degree in Natural Sciences, this blog is by and large a welcome excuse to satisfy my own scientific wanderlust. I’ve studied a bit of everything over the years, so while the focus will predominately be areas of biology and geology, expect a fair amount of whatever I fancy at the time to be thrown into the mix.